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The Boys' Brigade in Scotland

The Boys' Brigade in Scotland

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...on the age range for participation at Bronze and Silver levels. From August 2015 young people can start their Bronze award in the academic year they turn 14 and their Silver in the academic year the...


Our Community Case Studies

...blane, Scotland Date: 2013-2015 What they did: Over the last 3 years the Company has partnered with start-Up Stirling their local foodbank to help support people who are struggling to feed themselves...



...e line with two or more spaces, then type return. Headings Headings use 1-6 hash characters at the start of the line, corresponding to heading levels 1-6. For example: This is a heading level 1 Thi...


Raise the Bar Campaign

...or even come up with your own. It's not necessarily about trying to tackle everything at once, but start out by looking at 2-3 and take it from there. It may be you have already done some of these or...


Payroll Giving ? Ask your employer's payroll department. If they do not currently offer a scheme, suggest they start one as it is easy and inexpensive to run. How do l know if l am eligible to join the scheme ?...


DofE - The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

...Timescales There should be a regular commitment averaging at least an hour a week. When can I start? Bronze Award from 14 Years Silver Award from 15 Years Gold Award from 16 Years The Key...


Juniors 100

...section to hold a special birthday party in September 2017, the month that The Boys' Brigade first started working with this age group back in 1917. This is a great opportunity to celebrate as a s...


NI Christian Education

...nts. It won't be boring! Please join with us in praying for the plans for this major initiative; start praying now for the young people you will be bringing along - that God would transform their l...


NI Queen's Badge

...orking towards the Queen's Badge. Upon completion of the President's Badge the Queen's Badge can be started and a Record Book will be sent out, which will . . . advise on what needs to be done give...


NI Downloads

...Northern Ireland Download Area Download forms and publications produced by Northern Ireland Headquarters below. They are grouped below in alphabetical order. Card Payments: Please note wher...


10 results found

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