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Celebrating in 2017

Juniors 100 logo

In 2017 we will be celebrating the centenary of the Junior Section (Juniors), a significant anniversary in the life of our organisation and one that we hope members will want to celebrate locally and nationally.

Our celebrations will take place across the calendar year, covering both the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 sessions allowing ample opportunities for local and national events to take place.

Find out more about activities and events being run nationally and the resources available to help get your section involved in the celebrations.

Download the Juniors 100 Celebration Guide.

You can order additional Juniors 100 resources (including selfie frame, balloons, invitations, posters and more) through our online order form.

Share your Juniors 100 Story

Share your Story

Tell us your story, what's great about Juniors, the best activity, favourite activity - if you are 8 years old or 80 years old, we want to hear from current and past members.

Download our Share your Story Quote Card.

Juniors 100 Challenge

Juniors 100 ChallengeThe Juniors 100 Challenge consists of 100 Challenges which Juniors are encouraged to complete during the calendar year, up to 31st December 2017 and including any that they may have already undertaken since 1st January 2017.

Some of the challenges are designed to be completed as an individual, whereas others involve the whole section working together - whichever the case we hope that as many young people as possible will have a go at each and every challenge during the course of the year.

The challenges encourage your section to get out and about, get learning, get creative, get active and get into the Bible whilst having lots of fun doing so. Hopefully the challenges will provide some new opportunities for your young people and form a part of your weekly programme for 2017.

Download the Juniors 100 Challenge Pack.

Download the Juniors 100 Challenge Certificate which can be awarded to recognise progress in completing the challenge.

Download the Juniors 100 Challenge-o-meter to record progress and track completion of challenges.

The BIG 100 Birthday Party

The BIG 100 Birthday PartyWe want to encourage every section to hold a special birthday party in September 2017, the month that The Boys' Brigade first started working with this age group back in 1917.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate as a section, so start your planning early and involve your young people to find out what they would like to do. Consider opening the party up to parents/carers, church members and past members so everybody can come together and celebrate.

Looking BackAt the start of a new session and as part of your Juniors 100 celebrations we want to encourage groups to consider how they could welcome new members and grow this age group. We are challenging every Junior Section to grow and providing resources and ideas to support these efforts including an invitation card which can be given out to encourage members to bring along friends.

Download the BIG 100 Birthday Party Celebration Guide resource.

You can order Invitations for your BIG 100 Birthday Party using our online order form.

You can also download The BIG 100 Birthday Party Invitation to print off yourself. A 4-up version of the invitation can be downloaded and blanks filled in before printing.

A It's Time to Party Poster is also available to download to print off yourself.

Download the Wall Quiz which you can use as part of your BIG 100 Birthday Party. The Wall Quiz includes 20 questions ready to print out and put up around your meeting space.

Your Juniors 100 event is also a fantastic opportunity to shout about the Junior Section and The Boys’ Brigade! Download this press release template which you can share with likes of local media, church news and community websites. Wherever possible, try to include at least one good quality photograph. More ideas are below in the ‘Sharing our journey’ section and from your regional HQ.

Looking Back (History)

Looking BackOur 'Looking Back' resource celebrates the history of this age group and takes us back to 1917 when it all started. The resource contains a brief history along with programme ideas to help get young people learning about what life was like in Britain in 1917 - with games, crafts and other programme ideas to get you going.

Download the Looking Back resource.

Other resources to download:

A number of archive resources have been made available to download as follows:

  • Archive Press - Check out the Archive Press booklet 'Boy Reserves to Junior Section' which provides more insight and background to our work with this age group over the last 100 years.
  • To Play The Game - 'To Play The Game' was a book published (first impression 1951) by Madge White, as a book of games for Life Boys. The book providing a great collection of games suitable for the Life Boys age group and focused on the importance of play in the programme.
  • The Life Boys Membership Card - A membership card was issued to members of the Life Boys each year, download the 'Membership card'.

Juniors International Team Games

International Team Games This annual international competition has become a popular event for many Junior Sections around the world, and for 2017 has a centenary twist. Minimal preparation and equipment is needed to be able to participate, and you can run the team games in your own meeting space.

The deadline for entries is 1st May 2017.

Download the International Team Games.

Sharing our Journey

Selfie FrameDuring the year, through the Juniors 100 celebrations we are setting out to raise the profile of The Boys' Brigade and specifically the Junior Section (Juniors) age group through increased visibility and media awareness - and we need your help to do this.

We would encourage you to post on social media through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - making use of the #juniors100 hashtag. For more details on setting up and managing social media accounts go to

Resources available to support your efforts:

  • PR/Media Guide - containing advice on writing press releases and working with the media.
  • Juniors 100 Challenge Template Press Release - a template press release linked to the Juniors 100 Challenge.
  • Selfie Frame - a selfie frame was sent to each Company via the Company Captain in March 2017. Make use of your selfie frame during the year on meeting nights and also when you are out and about.

Logo & Cartoons

Juniors 100 Cartoons We have designed a logo for use at local and national level and this is available to download in a variety of formats including JPEG, PNG and EPS. The logo should be used alongside the BB 'adventure begins here' logo or Brigade emblem.

Download Juniors 100 Logo Pack.

We have also created some cartoons to help celebrate this significant anniversary, these include members with a giant birthday cake and balloons.

Download Juniors 100 Cartoon Pack.

Badge & BB Supplies Items

Juniors 100 BadgeA special badge designed to mark the occasion of the centenary of the Junior Section is available from BB Supplies. The badge may be worn by Junior Section members on the right armband to the right of the service badge.

Other items available to purchase featuring the Juniors 100 logo include Football Rattle, Wristband, Karabiner Keyring Pen and Plastic Drawstring Bag.

BB Supplies Items

View the product range and order online at

Pre-Order Items

A number of items including t-shirts, polo shirts and baseball caps featuring the Juniors 100 logo are available on a pre-order basis through BB Headquarters. Once orders are received they will be delivered within 4 weeks. These items would be ideal to purchase for members to wear at your Juniors 100 events including camps and fun days.

To make your order please download and complete the Order Form.

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